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Power Systems

Power Systems: Services

Project Management


  • Manpower

  • People

  • Equipment

  • Material



  • Schedule

  • Task Durations

  • Dependencies

  • Critical Path



  • Costs

  • Contingencies

  • Profit


  • Specification

  • Project Size

  • Goals

  • Requirements

Effective Communication  

  • Status Updates

  • Meetings

  • Monitoring Progress

  • Change Management

  • Risk Management

  • Documentation

  • Approvals


Equipment Testing Monitoring/Evaluation

Electrical Testing Services Includes:  

  • Functional Testing    

  • New Construction Testing

  • Pre-Energization/Commissioning Testing    

  • Maintenance/In Field Testing

  • Component Failure Testing

Testing Services Equipment Includes:      

  • Low, Medium, and High Voltage Power Cable  

  • Motors   Switchgear/Power Circuit Breakers/Motor Control Centers  

  • Power Transformers


Standards Specifications & Drawing Review

  • Review of Company equipment and design standards to ensure completeness, accuracy and compliance with Industry (i.e. ANSI and IEEE) standards.

  • Review of Company equipment and construction specifications to ensure completeness, accuracy and compliance with project requirements and good engineering practices.  


  • Review of drawings, sketches, diagrams and other engineering documents to ensure completeness, accuracy and compliance with Company and good engineering practices.


Equipment Condition/Health Study

Health studies would be provided for major electrical equipment and components. This is to include Switchgear, Circuit Breakers, Motor Control Centers, Motors, Transformers.

  • Record Manufacturer, Type, Make, Model, Series and rating information.

  • Review initial purchase specification, design basis documents and drawings.  


  • Review operational history. (Hours of operation, failure to start history.)  

  • Review testing requirements and results.  

  • Review maintenance requirements and history.  

  • Review spare parts requirements, availability and redundancy.


Construction/Site Management

  • Monitoring Progress and Schedule.


  • Status Updates.


  • Documentation (i.e. as found/as left etc.)


  • Specifications and Standards Adherence.


  • Coordinating Changes and Change Management.


  • Equipment Receipt.

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